Preparing your Home for Sale – Part Four

McNeill Real Estate 21/04/2016

Cleaning: It is believed that cleanliness is next to Godliness. This is the first and most obvious need especially just before inspections. Your home must be spotlessly clean and hygienic so buyers can look forward to moving into a sparkling and healthy home.

Dust, grime, stains, slime and spillages are some of the major turn offs and so are dirty carpets, scuffed and scummy-looking floors, cupboards with food crusted onto the doors, cockroach droppings, dirty windowsills, mould…

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Preparing your Home for Sale – Part Three

McNeill Real Estate 07/10/2015

Simply cleaning a house and doing routine maintenance, however, is only a small part of staging.
Home staging involves:
De-cluttering: This is the removing your personal belongings from the viewer’s sight. It helps in taking away the personality that comes with your own belongings. Usually, buyers visualize their own belongings in your home when planning to by it and with your stuff all over the place this might just hinder their decision making….

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Rates remain on hold but case for cut grows

McNeill Real Estate 06/10/2015

Official rates on hold again over October
Economic outlook remains cloudy
Still a chance of rate cut this year
Housing market weakening

The Reserve Bank has again decided to leave official interest rates at the record low of 2.0 percent over October. Rates have now been on hold for five consecutive months but the prospect remains for another cut – perhaps as early as next month.

Concerns over the current and likely future performance of the…

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Preparing your home for sale – Part Two – Home Staging

McNeill Real Estate 03/09/2015


Regardless of the type of property you own, be it a freestanding house, a single unit, a cottage, a terrace, a heritage, a contemporary home or an investment property, it is vitally important in any economic times, and even more specifically in Australia where the real estate market remains slumped, to stage your home for sale. Staging ensures a greater appeal to all the buyers viewing your home.

You can hire professionals to assist you…

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10 reasons why you should be using LinkedIn

McNeill Real Estate 27/08/2015

By Dean Forrester on July 27, 2015 in Direct Marketing, Finance Brokers, Innovation, Marketing, Property Developers, Property Manager, Property Managers, Real Estate Agents, Social Media, Tips & Tricks
For those unfamiliar with LinkedIn, allow me to offer some quick insights behind this social platform. The platform is primarily centered around professionals and industry-relevant content. LinkedIn enables members to connect and…

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5 email metrics to better understand your audience

McNeill Real Estate 27/08/2015

By Dean Forrester on June 15, 2015 in Direct Marketing, Finance Brokers, Marketing, Property Developers, Property Managers, Real Estate Agents, Tips & Tricks
The great thing about email marketing is the ability to see who has opened your email, the exact time they opened it and what link(s) they clicked on. By understanding basic email stats you will find better…

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McNeill Real Estate 27/08/2015


It is important that your home stands out from the competition if it is to sell quickly, add a few thousand to your final sale price and do so without too much hassle. The key is to ensure that it is actually well prepared for the sale.

To achieve this, you need to do a small number of things that will add the most value to your home in the least amount of time, and with…

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RP Data market preview, Melbourne: Week ending 13/4/14

McNeill Real Estate 18/06/2014

There are 1,412 auctions scheduled this week ending 13 April 2014 in Melbourne compared to 626 this time last year. With 1,400 also scheduled in Sydney this weekend will provide a rare opportunity to compare the two capital city auction markets.

The unprecedented increase in the number of auctions is part of a wider rise in homes on the market over the last month. There are now 22 per cent more new listings compared to last…

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Create a Landscape That’s Good Enough to Eat

McNeill Real Estate 31/07/2012

These days, few people have the time or space for a separate vegetable garden or orchard. Yet there is no reason why you can’t incorporate food-bearing plants into your garden, creating an easy, edible landscape.

There are hundreds of different plants that can fulfill any landscape need, and at the same time add something that can be eaten. You can savor luscious berries and sun ripened tomatoes, as well as exotic vegetables with many species now…

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Ways to show your home to its best advantage

McNeill Real Estate 31/07/2012

Autumn is traditionally a busy time in real estate, but the changing weather can also bring its own set of challenges when you are trying to ensure your property is presented at its best for potential buyers. The following is a checklist of ideas to help with that presentation:

1. As the season of falling leaves, you need to be extra vigilant in keeping gutters and drains cleared of debris, particularly when combined with those rainy…

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