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Janet McNeill 20/02/2018


Our Director is a proud volunteer driver with the Peninsula Transport Assist  who provide reliable transport for clients to attend hospital and medical appointments, as well as to go shopping, visit friends or relatives etc.  The drivers are all volunteers who have been police checked and had a driving assessment by an independent driving instructor, their vehicles have been safety checked and meet minimum standards.

Having recently been involved with taking her elderly father to hospital and medical appointments all over the Peninsula and to the city, Janet became aware of a lot of people who were on their own and unable to attend appointments due to their inability to drive themselves, or just lack of confidence at driving in busy traffic.  Many people had a son or daughter like herself, who worked full time and had to juggle their work commitments to take their family member to these appointments, or did not have anyone at all who they could call upon for this type of assistance.  This meant that they would cancel important appointments, or miss out on social outings.

Peninsula Transport Assist provides a reliable service to all residents of the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula region.  The drivers provide door to door service, by picking up the client from their home, taking them to their appointment, and then bringing them safely home.

Janet thoroughly enjoys meeting new people and seeing the smile on their face when they know they have a supportive, friendly and considerate person taking them to their appointment.

The service is always on the look out for more volunteer drivers, so that they can continue to provide a seamless service to residents.  Check out how you can help by following the link to their website!




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